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Love God, Love Each Other, Serve the World

Welcome to Southport Presbyterian

We would love a chance to meet you and get to know you, and also to tell you about our heart and passion for loving God, loving each other, and serving the world.

Why  Jesus

Jesus of Nazareth was more than a great teacher, a nice guy, or a good example to follow.  He was sent by God for a distinct purpose.  But what does that have to do with me?

Current Sermon Series

It is easy to get lost in Lent and miss the meaning altogether. Our hearts are so prone to ‘religious’ activity that it …


Join us as we celebrate this special season.  Dinner and Service Wednesday – Dinner at 5:50 pm in the dining room, service at 7:00 pm.   Dinner is $4/adult, $2/child or $15 max for a family.  The menu varies each week.

Red Cup Hunger Drive

Help Women in Ministry to fight hunger by contributing two cents a meal per person.  All contributions will go to Hunger, Inc., our Perry Township food pantry that helps people with immediate needs – serving about 350 each month.  Enjoy your meals, count your blessings and deposit two cents.

The Great Banquet

The Southport Great Banquet is a 3 day experience of renewal, learning and sharing in the atmosphere of a Christian community.  The men’s weekend is April 19-22 and the women’s is May 3-6.  Click HERE to learn more or register.

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