August 18, 2019. All day
Organizer: Kathy Smith

Sunday, August 18, 5:30 p.m.
We’ve planned this summer picnic opportunity to come together as a community and be together. No committees, teams, or work crews are needed. These are not potlucks or pitch-ins and there are no tables where all the food goes. How will this work? You stop by a drive-thru on the way, or you can make food at home. Bring the food and drinks that you need along with plates, cups, forks and napkins just for your family. (Hopefully, your friends have all done the same thing!) You’ll want to bring something to sit on, and we’ll provide the grassy field and some trash bags. You can sit with people you already know, you can plop down with people you don’t know . . .  preferably some of each. You may want to bring some games as any activities at these picnics will be purely grass roots, they will simply happen. All we’re trying to do is create an opportunity for people to get together and connect. Here’s really what we’re after . . . getting to know the people you go to church with. See you at the picnic!

Shelter House
7525 McFarland Blvd
Indianapolis, IN 46237

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