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Welcome to Southport Presbyterian

We would love a chance to meet you and get to know you, and also to tell you about our heart and passion for loving God, loving each other, and serving the world.

Why  Jesus

Jesus of Nazareth was more than a great teacher, a nice guy, or a good example to follow.  He was sent by God for a distinct purpose.  But what does that have to do with me?

Current Sermon Series

From the very beginning, following Jesus as King has produced a truly counter-cultural holy way of life that will sometimes generate suspicion and conflict among our neighbors. But questions arise: What does a life consistent with Jesus look like? How do we remain firm in our faith in times of opposition? What does it look like to be loving and caring to those that seem to oppose our God and our way of life?

These are the questions faced by the early church, and in one of Paul’s earliest letter, 1 Thessalonians, he goes about answering them.


Former Glory – Haggai #7

“Who is left among you who saw this house in its former glory?” - Reminders of past are a funny thing. The past could be a sensitive subject or it can light up a room with stories. The Israelites, as a people, had been in Babylon for 70 years before Persia took over, and God’s people were sent home. In 70 years time, many who had seen the temple of Solomon were no longer with them and new generations were now the leaders and elders.

Haggai #6 – The Stirring of the Lord

It is an interesting thought that the Lord is Sovereign.  When we get to thinking too hard about it, we get lost in its mystery.  Our frail and limited minds think only at one level, and the Lord’s sovereignty expands so far beyond the reach of our grasp that it is almost tiring to try to decipher.  We know from scripture that the Lord is sovereign, yet we still attempt to maintain a basis of control over our lives…calendars, kids, relationships, basically everything.

Haggai #5 – The Message of the Lord

God has something to say.  He has said it before, over and over.  At this point, remember, it has been 16 years of these people focusing on themselves and not placing priority on being with the Lord.  The temple that was to be built was the purpose for their return.  This temple that was to be built was to house the Lord’s presence, a place where they could be with Him.

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